Inscriptiones christianae urbis romae online dating

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An exception must be made later for the elegant Latin capitals created by Furius Dionysius Filocalus for the inscriptions composed by Pope damasus.

Funeral inscriptions were normally incised on marble slabs or steles and were often obtained from professional pagan monument makers.

The assignment of dates to undated Christian inscriptions is difficult.

Those from Africa and Gaul are especially important for their rich content.In the East dating by eras was much more frequent, the more common eras in use being: the Seleucid Era (312 b.c.), Era of Antioch (49 b.c.), Era of Bostra (a.d. In Egypt, Christians introduced an Era of the Martyrs (a.d. The employment of dating by indictions did not become common before the late 5th century a.d.It should be observed that the Christian Era itself was not used before the early Middle Ages.At Rome, for example, the first dated Latin inscription comes from 217 (E.Diehl, Inscriptiones Christianae latinae veteres, 3631b), and the first dated Greek inscription from 235.

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