Online dating esl questions

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It is a meeting place which is reserved for people who, because of their ________ appearance and personal qualities, stand out from the _________.” In _________, it is a social networking site where new members are accepted or given the boot by existing members based on the scores _________ to the online photos they submit.

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The site’s introductory ________ says it: “introduces beautiful people to truly beautiful people.

If you don’t have the curves in the right places or your face isn’t quite Hollywood, you are rejected.

The site’s introductory spiel says it: “introduces beautiful people to truly beautiful people.

Aspiring, beautiful applicants can post their photo and details up to 50 times, giving _________ beauties and _________ more than enough time to improve their looks. Members also _________ offline for friendship and dating. S., said: “We unashamedly exist so that people who are ______ ___ of wasting time and money meeting unattractive people on the Net can meet others they _______ aesthetically pleasing.” 1.

VOCABULARY EXTENSION: Choose several of the words from the text. You must replace the “X” in the heading with an adjective.

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