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Carter’s first tract was “Frame-up”, marking the beginning of an ongoing association with Chick Publications for more than thirty years.In addition to the tracts, Carter drew The Crusaders full-size comic book series from 1974-1988."At my church one of the fellows had a Chick tract, and I saw it and it impressed me because that's what I always wanted to do." Carter had studied at Chicago’s American Academy of Art, and in early 1972 he sent some samples to Jack Chick.Chick wrote back, and within 3 weeks Carter moved from Illinois, USA, to southern California.

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They hosted annual concerts and put evangelistic materials into the hands of 30% of Dutch school children.

Born 25 August 1930, James Blocksom was originally from Ohio USA.

After the Korean War, while serving as an optometry officer at the airforce headquarters in Tokyo in 1954, Blocksom became a Christian.

Sales of Chick's tracts and comic books have reached over 500 million copies worldwide, over half of which were drawn by Carter.

In fall, 2003 Chick Publications released Light of the World, a DVD featuring over 300 paintings by Carter.

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