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Finally, AWRC PRO allows Registry visualization and edition in the same way Regedit does.Unlike, all the other remote access software, it does not do a Network Registry Connection, it intervenes directly through the connection already established.So, it is much faster and can access all private hives from every user with no need to enter their credentials.In addition it allows the visualization of some secret Registry keys (here, edition is interdicted by design) .

So, let's not consider this one an important feature. Browse for files and folders as easily as you do with Windows Explorer.The right to edit the Registry is set through AWRC Pro Policy (default is "not allow"), so it is safe for company use. The Network Tools arsenal includes: 1) Wake-on-Lan, which allows a computer to be remotely turned on. 3) Lan Computers, which list the machines in your Network.So, let's see slides about the features we just mentioned. 4) Network Sweeper, for searching a range of IPs for machines potentially connectable by AWRC PRO.We are not aware of any single tool that provides so much information about a local computer, let alone about a remote one. Some of that information is trivial, similar to what you get from Windows Task Manager.First, we have a group of General System Information that deals: - Operating System. But if you are interested, you can dig deeper and gain a complete insight of what is going on.

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